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CREATIVE WORSHIP STUDIO – Creative Worship for an Audience of One…May it be a sweet aroma unto the Lord!

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Did you know that art has always been a way to worship the Lord?! You probably read right over some of the first artists in the Bible and didn’t give it a second thought. In fact, you may have even considered it boring and read it as fast as you could just to get through Exodus and God’s plans for the Tabernacle!

In the desert when God was giving Moses the Law, He was also giving him plans for the Tabernacle. But how were the Israelites going the make the design happen from stone tablets to an actual tent?! God tells us, starting in Exodus chapter 31 God reveals how He is going to make it happen. Two men that he was going to fill with God’s Spirit, with wisdom, understanding, and ability in every craft to design artistic works. (Exodus 31:3-4) From Chapter 31 through Chapter 40 is all about Bezalel and Oholiab, their talent and how they were filled with His Spirit to make every article and the mobile building (tent or tabernacle) that would be used for the worship of their God! Proving Art is Worship! 


With Bezalel and Oholiab as our inspiration, Harvest now is providing a space for creative worship! We are opening the Harvest Worship Studio for our members (teens through adults) to praise the Lord with their talents during the Sunday services. The Worship Studio is located on the balcony level in what used to be the old bell tower and roof access. We have completely updated the space for the creation of art as worship and furnished the space for 1-4 artists with the following:

  • Fixed, sloped tabletop drafting station and stool.

  • Large format easel and stool.

  • Two guest Chairs, which notebook sketching, or textile artists can use.

  • Two open carts for you the artist’s tools and supplies during your worship time.

  • Neutral wall colors great acoustics, you will feel and hear the worship and the sermon.

  • Studio will be open at 8:00am for set up.

  • Scheduled studio time, the whole studio or a station, allowing other artists to work with you in worship! Or a collaboration!

  • We do ask that no intense heat medium or open flame be used in the studio.


Our hope is to eventually have a camera up in the studio to be able to “flash” on the screen to share our artist’s worship with the congregation during the service. So please come a share your God-given talents with your church. 


Here at Harvest Fellowship, we are striving to create a culture for artists to worship Jesus with their talents in which they have been blessed. Letting the Holy Spirit come over us and work through our minds and hands to create a visual worship that will bless our congregation to take worship to a whole other level.


You can schedule you time in the art studio by clicking on the link below.


If you have any questions, please contact Molly Olivier 320.290.3088 or


















View the calendar for available dates then schedule

your time through the link below or contact Molly.


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