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Serve: Discover your spiritual gifts and passion for ministry and share your faith. Read the article “Spiritual Gifts” and go through the Spiritual Gifts survey to find out what area of ministry God wants you to be involved in. We have a saying around here: “Everyone gets to play!” God has made you unique, which includes unique gifts and callings to best serve at Harvest Fellowship. Also, learn your style of evangelism. Once again, God has made us all unique, so He doesn’t expect us all to evangelize in the same style. Watch the online video to help you understand the six different Biblical styles of evangelism, to discover how God has fashioned you to participate in His kingdom work. We are all called to be ambassadors for Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission, but we do it in our distinctive way (2 Cor 5:17-21; Mt 28:19-20). At Harvest, we want to help people follow Jesus and share Him with others. 




These are the four markers to help guide you on the path toward maturity. Along the way, you might want some extra help. Next, you will see some help we provide that you can take advantage of as you walk on the path of discipleship. Remember, it is a walk with God, hand in hand, not a list of tasks to accomplish. But also remember that on this walk God will call you to do things you can’t do in your own strength. Don’t worry; God provides the strength and wisdom as He calls you to step out into deeper water.

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