Jesus commands us to go and tell the world about Him.
Matthew 28:19-20

We believe that once you experience the joy of having your own personal relationship

with God, you will WANT to share that opportunity with others...

At Harvest, we do this through personal evangelism in our every day lives,

special outreach events and by supporting mission organizations that work to spread the good news of Jesus both at home and abroad. We also suggest an intentional activity each month to encourage you to share!

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Each Life Group looks for a family who would be blessed by a Thanksgiving basket.

Gather items together, and create a basket to give to them and invite them to your

Life Group and to church.

If you have an idea for a R.E.A.L. activity, let us know.

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Lastly, Christ calls us to serve Him and those around us with the talents and resources He has provided.




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